Friday, November 14, 2008


I can't seem to find my notes from last summer when I was writing about the prostitution ring inspired by a Billy Idol song; actually I haven't tried looking for them but it was enough to jog my mind. Love watching Alphaville - i missed most of it watching for the first time back in June; I used it to inspire me /about/ a shoot with Aschlea - the movie that was suppose to actually inspire the shoot was another Godard movie, "Weekend,"She was suppose to be somewhat of a revolutionary...I'll have to rent it through Netflix. Just read an essay in Granta "the magazine of new writing" written by a film critic that is totally fed-up and sick of watching (bad) Hollywood movies [Chris Petit]. I need headphones to block the music playing at Starbucks...I've got to get out-of-my-head, ironically writing is helping me out here to process thinking more, that was the solution. Fuck...Now really fuck there is a car alarm going-off but its working, the beat is playing alongalong to this Miami caribbean bull shit music playing at Starbucks. I better go find those negatives - it seems like such a chore, but its not so hard really and I've discovered some unexpected pictures. OOH ow, boogy do, ooh oh seriously thats whats playing - fuck that shit...Now, "I fell in love with your heart and soul"FUCK i have to get out of here... Seriously now i've to get to work and figure out some sort of plot...really keep it loose because that is sonding like bull shit already. Interesting I read something about how Godar wanted to film Alphaville, one light, so that the actors could be more free and not worry about blocking of the scene; so cool it was filmed on HP5, I wonder if they pushed to film all the dark scenes? Why can't more films be basic like that it seems like even the smallest independent films have these god forsaken lighting set-ups and 20 people and tons of gear - really I think it must have something to do with production values, but really what does that add if the basic premise sucks in the first place - even if its fantabulous a little bit of film grain makes it more interesting, visually, and if that allows for a simpler freeer production thats probably for the best -- - I haven't paid attention enough to what Alphaville is all about... Keep thinking about this shotgun shack catholic church down the street and Arthur's painting "Catholic Church" is ringing bells in my mind and the recent election and financial crisis.



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