Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve pic and another of her below :)

Pissing on O’farrell street…it was raining I feel no guilt about it – I was thoughtful enough not letting anyone see me, my main concern was not getting caught by the police. I drank a Heineken that I’ve had for emergency purposes since Thanks Giving and one of those orange and silver canned energy beer drinks what else could I do…I was pissed having to wait around to get into the GAMH such bullshit I would hate to work in the box office or as a door person having to deal with people like me… What a non-scene the bands were ok but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were all straight edge.


Pet shop boys New york city boy

I love this song!

"Pet shop boys New york city boy"

I love this too! A bit over-the-top but well done ;) Is that "Candy" from Two and a Half Men"?

Super hot Alibi vs Rockefeller Sexual healing Music


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