Monday, June 8, 2009

Celste... the seeming ;) Synchronicity revolving around life with the thrill kill kult - i live for drugs..."Drugs are Nice"

Well I suppose this "cat tail" pic can find a home on this, my newly named blog; I had posted it originally on my other blog but Photobucket "term violated" this seeming innocuous picture!@#$%^&??? they must have really dirty minds or something - I better go read the terms - maybe if you pay, they let you upload this kinda picture (and how did they discover it anyway!!!???) do they have some kind of geometric search feature that maps body positions in photographs!!!???

The other pictures can be found on my "I hustle" blog: Celeste...Quix*o*tic - Ice Cream Sundae

Alright any-whoo, the very first drug reference connected with this seeming synchronicity around the reference to "drugs" was when the MUA at the photo shoot (picture above) said wouldn't it have been cool if instead of cat food in the kitty's bowl it was really cocaine instead, r-i-g-h-t! I mean "thats n-i-c-e" like Borat would say...

Then another Synchronicity (what-ever!)revolving around "drugs" - was my continuous playing of "I live for drugs," recently and my idea to use it in a blog post... Its on a cool mix-cd that an old friend of mine gave me about three years I finally decided to find out who this band was..."my life with the thrill kill kult"...YES!!! As I was about to post the youtube video...

Timothy Archibald's blog post about

Why Are You Always Shooting Your Kid Laying On The Ground? popped-up into my radar...and I discovered this cool photo (thanks Timothy, for sharing some of the background revolving around your work...). I must now track this book down, simply for the cover photo alone (just kidding) but also because Lisa Crystal Carver looks like a good read...

"Drugs are Nice a post punk memoir" Lisa Crystal Carver

Click here: Lisa Crystal Carver - SUCKDOG

Click here: Lisa Crystal Carver Wikipedia

Click here: peter norrman photography...the guy who took this cover picture...

Thanks for the video Mr. "inlinefiend1"

Click here: my life with the thrill kill kult - i live for drugs

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